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Consumer Closeness in the

Age of Social Distancing

Week of September 14: Seasonal

Concerns with the public traditions of Halloween and New Year’s Eve, and the risk of spreading COVID-19 are strong

 Americans are looking for new ways to celebrate at home for the sake of the kids and the rest of the family

Planning to Celebrate Halloween this Year ?

  • Yes, definitely 28% 28%
  • Probably 26% 26%
  • Not sure yet 34% 34%
  • No, definitely not 12% 12%

“I will not answer the door for trick or treaters because of the chance of contracting COVID.”

“Not sure what trick or treating will look like, if it will even happen for my kids. Definitely still wearing costumes but poor kids will likely miss out unless we do something creative.”

“I don’t think my kids will go trick-or-treating this year. It’s a huge bummer but it doesn’t feel safe.”

Planning to Celebrate New Year’s Eve this Year ?

  • Yes, definitely 40% 40%
  • Probably 18% 18%
  • Not sure yet 34% 34%
  • No, definitely not 8% 8%

“Definitely will be staying home with family this New Year’s. Staying safe and away from the crowds and drama…”

“I think I’m used to having a lot of options of NYE and now I don’t know if I’ll celebrate at all…”

“Last year was a full house party with lots of friends and family. This year will only be close family.”

Family oriented holidays are expected to move forward; however, anticipated change in the way we celebrate due to COVID causes mixed emotions


Definitely/probably will celebrate THANKSGIVING

Top Emotions…

  • Happy ? 15% 15%
  • Stressed / Worried ? 13% 13%


Definitely / probably will celebrate HANUKKAH

Top Emotions…

  • Relaxed ? 34% 34%
  • Pessimistic ? 29% 29%


Definitely / probably will celebrate CHRISTMAS

Top Emotions…

  • Excited ? 19% 19%
  • Stressed / Worried ? 13% 13%


“We can’t go [visit family] and it sucks! Mom is high risk and can’t fly… I was looking forward to spending the holidays with them… Makes me sad to think about.”


“We usually go to a friends where many of us gather to celebrate. Depending on how things are on Thanksgiving, we may stay home, unfortunately.”


“I probably won’t be celebrating with family due to COVID. I will still make a traditional dinner as I LOVE Thanksgiving food. I may share extras with neighbors who also don’t have family locally.”


“There are lots of new babies in our family so there is no way to get together for the safety of the babies. This year, I will mail the gifts and celebrate with my immediate family in our home.”


“… We usually celebrate as a family. We will probably avoid any communal celebrations.”


“There will be the usual celebrations as it’s usually just with close, local family anyway.”



“Will stay home this year with my immediate family since my parents are high risk. I’ll also do my shopping online and will ship to distant family members. Not the same but will do our best to keep spirits up.”


“This year will probably be spent more with close friends and family only… instead of attending larger parties because of the Coronavirus.”


“Due to the virus, most likely I will stay home and connect with family and friends via Facebook. I will not do any travelling.”


With uncertainty lingering, Americans are considering shifting family traditions to much smaller & intimate celebrations. They will be looking for inspiration on how to make the holidays feel special on a smaller scale 

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e-Commerce / Bricks & Mortar Mobile Video Shop-a-long

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In-the-Moment Ritual Illumination

Same shoppers are recontacted via text notification and asked to help us better understand their seasonal usage occasions and rituals via photo and video uploads ?

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A word on our approach

This research is not just another COVID-19 survey. This study was conducted using immersive mobile messaging-based conversational exercises that capture robust quant data and emotive qual inputs in real-time from our mobile COVID-19 community members in one seamless experience. Take a look at the video to see a demo of how our technology works…

Fine Print:
Field dates 8/27-9/2, Base: n=253

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