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Consumer Closeness in the

Age of Social Distancing

Week of May 28: Restaurant Takeout & Delivery

As more States open up and restrictions loosen, Americans continue to be more positive


⬆ Relaxed 💆‍♀️


Optimistic 👍


⬆ Happy 😃


⬇ Peaceful 🙂


⬇ Bored 😐

(⬆& ⬇ arrows indicate change in emotions vs previous week)


+ 5% Increase in overall positive emotions vs. previous week

At this stage of the pandemic, the majority of Americans have consumed restaurant food - with drive-thru and pick-up most common

Restaurant Takeout Methods During COVID-19


Had takeout 🥡 during the pandemic

70% Drive Thru 

67% Pickup

38% Delivery

(Higher among those under 40 years)

Getting food delivered is seen as a way to support local restaurants and enjoy takeout food without the risk of exposure

Motivations Behind Food  Delivery 

(Among those who’ve increased restaurant delivery)

To Enjoy Restaurant Food Without The Risk Of Exposure

“As a way to experience local restaurant food without having to go get it ourselves, and as a way to avoid cooking occasionally”

“My family likes to go out to eat for many reasons including celebration and not feeling like cooking. Now that we can’t go out to eat, we order take out which is the next best thing”

“Because I don’t want to go to a restaurant because of COVID-19”


 “It’s super convenient and some places have pretty good price/zero delivery fees.”

“I find it super convenient. While I study for college I can just have my favorite restaurants delivered to me”

Support Local Businesses

“Something to look forward to. Also don’t eat out at work for lunch like we would. And we are trying to support local restaurants we want to stay open beyond this.”

“I want to support local restaurants and I get free delivery codes sent to me”

“Can’t dine in anymore and want to support my local restaurants so they will remain open.”

Groceries Run Out Faster

“The food we buy goes buy faster now that everyone is home 24/7”

“We have less food in the house due to quarantine, which leaves us no choice.”

Tired Of Cooking At Home

“We can’t go in anywhere, and sometimes I just need a break from cooking.”

“Because I’ve been so tired to cook a meal up”

“Too tired to cook and didnt want to go to store”

Where Americans are Ordering Food For Delivery

(Ordered food delivery during the pandemic)


ordered from Local restaurants

❗ 32% consider franchisees to be local restaurants

How Americans Order Food For Delivery

Change in Food Delivery Due to COVID-19

  • Still getting food delivery 🥡 38% 38%
  • Stopped getting food delivery 🙅‍♀️ 17% 17%
  • Never did food delivery 45% 45%


of those getting food delivery are ordering less often than before COVID-19

Placing the Order


Restaurant Website


Delivery Apps


Restaurant Apps


Calling the Restaurant

2% Some other way

For some, the decline in food delivery is due to financial reasons, but for others it's the risk of improper hygiene practices

Food Delivery Concerns & Considerations


think takeout methods are generally safe 👍 from COVID-19 transmission

What Hygiene Practices Are Important for Restaurant Delivery



Sealed containers


Delivery person wearing mask


Contactless delivery


No-touch systems post-cooking


Delivery person wearing gloves

4% Other practices

Safety Concerns

“Because I want the least amount of people touching my food”

“Don’t trust employees to follow hygiene protocols and I do not want to get sick”

“I do not want to be in contact with strangers and eat food that I did not see cooked”

“I see no need to take any chances right now”

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Money Concerns

“We’re kinda paranoid and because money is tight we can’t afford to eat out that often”

“Too expensive. Also I have time to cook my own meals now, I don’t need that convenience”

“We are using this time to save money, and most drive thru places do not serve healthy food.”

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Prefer Pickup

“It’s a treat to get out of the house and pickup at the restuarant”

“I prefer to call in and do curbside pick-up. Less expensive and I have nothing else to do”

“Drive Thru’s are used by national chains, we’ve been sticking to local businesses”

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A word on our approach

This research is not just another COVID-19 survey. This study was conducted using immersive mobile messaging-based conversational exercises that capture robust quant data and emotive qual inputs in real-time from our mobile COVID-19 community members in one seamless experience. Take a look at the video to see a demo of how our technology works…

Fine Print:
Field dates 5/22-5/27, Base: n=347

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